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Failed your test?

In despair ?

Donít panic, use our TEST BUSTER PROGRAM.

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Become a Driving Instructor. Programs to suit all. Please inquire.

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Did you know...

Pass plus not only gives you extra driving skills such as motorway driving but can save you money on your first car insurance.

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So, congratulations, you passed your test. Now its off into the big wide world, BY YOURSELF!!!

Itís that moment you shut the car door and it is silent. No one to remind you to check your seatbelt, the blind spot and dont forget to start the engine before you go into gear. Worst of all you have to now decide your own route.

Times like these, perhaps itís worth looking into taking a Pass Plus course.

Yes youíve passed your test. Sure you can go right out there, anywhere you want. But think back to when you sat with your instructor and there was a problem, like a car appearing from nowhere, whoís quick reaction got you out of trouble. Of course your instructor.

Ok, they are very experienced on the road and itís going to be a while before you have that.

Pass Plus aims to give you more experience with all types of driving. The difference is there is no pressure of a final exam. This enables you to concentrate fully on learning.

Above all the bonus for you is that you can save a heap load of money on your first insurance. Also having taken the course it can rank you high over your friends. You will be able to tell them with confidence that some of the things they do, are not.... well...... quite right.

Remember ďEvery day in Britain, 2 under 25s DIE in road accidentsĒ

Donít replace your hard earned driving licence with a Death Certificate.

Does the cost really out weigh your life?



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